What We Do

Grace Curve Consulting has worked with many organisations at both a national and local level developing a culture of excellence.

According to a Gallup study,

60% of Australian workers are not engaged and another 16% are actively disengaged from their employers.

At Grace Curve Consulting, we know empowered business leaders — and a constructive culture through employee engagement — is the fabric in your business that your competitors are unable to copy, steal or replicate providing you with a unique business advantage.

Our strength is developing servant hearted leaders focused on serving the needs of their people through real connection. The leader develops trust through genuine relationships and ultimately has influence to enhance business outcomes whilst developing the individual (people).

Grace Curve will partner with your company, small business, even sporting franchise to develop key leaders and the constructive culture you’ve always hoped was possible.

Whilst aligning employees with the business vision, we also teach clients to understand, and value, how a continual investment in leadership will contribute a significant boost in business performance.

The Five Key Values

Using our five key values, Grace Curve grows leaders who are capable of strengthening culture, improving output and creating brand loyalty.


Without it, wisdom never bears fruit.


Giving more than you thought possible.


The price of greatness.


The No.1 agent for change.


Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

How We Work

Whether enhancing business culture, reshaping goals or measuring current performance, Grace Curve has the expertise and experience to achieve your needs. Our vision is to better understand your business objectives and form a partnership that enhances your culture and grows leadership capacity. We achieve this by:

Creating genuine, trusting relationships
Clarity of business strategy
Coaching and leadership development
Brand loyalty through enhanced systems

Qualified in both Human Synergistics and The Leadership Circle, we provide solutions to developing self-aware leaders who are invested in your organisation.

While able to work with all business types, our expertise is with organisations that lean on customer service for success.