Emotional Touchpoints – 4 Component Focus

Grace Curve understands that great service is built from systems and procedures you control.

Rather than leaving customer service to chance, Emotional Touchpoint training gifts employees the awareness and tools required to understand business vision, grow the brand and gain customer loyalty.

Outcomes of the program include:

Engaged employees contributing to vision.
Middle management who can coach success.
Tangible measurement of customer service.
Brand loyalty growth and sustainable service.

This program simplifies the approach to growing your brand in a competitive marketplace while also surprising and delighting customers daily.

Mystery Shopper

Often the complexity of business overtakes the reason for being, leaving those in charge perplexed as to why business profitability is in decline.

Grace Curve will gain an understanding of your core business focuses before undertaking mystery shopper visits.

A minimum of three visits will be completed before a detailed report is produced highlighting strengths, weaknesses and risks/opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

The benefits of a mystery shopper include:

Unbiased opinion of performance
Clarity in business assessment
Open mindedness
Staff assessed in natural state
Comparisons to like-minded business in your sector

Documentation is filtered through to management for business planning while a staff presentation is also available.