Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders

Grace Curve understands identifying and developing leaders within your organisation, as opposed to searching externally, provides countless advantages, including;

  • A succession planning system which enables staff to be developed & mentored for internal advancement.
  • Reduced staff turnover and recruitment costs.
  • Employees understanding company culture and values before being identified for leadership.
  • Becoming an employer of choice within your industry, and thereby attracting stronger talent.
  • Developing a constructive and sustainable culture which fosters financial performance

Grace Curve can tailor development plans specific to your business requirements. This highlights learning opportunities for not only individual employees, but also creating both direction and structure for your emerging leadership team as a whole.

Self-Aware 360

“The reason consciousness exists, and why there is an urge to widen and deepen it, is very simple … without consciousness things go less well.” – Carl Jung

The Self-Aware 360 program provides emerging leaders with the tools and feedback required, to truly understand the impact of their actions and behaviours.

As accredited practitioners in both Human Synergistics and The Leadership Circle, Grace Curve will help you understand and select the tools best suited to your business needs.

The program includes a briefing session (maximum 10 participants), survey and two individual one-on-one debriefs of your results.