Grace Curve partners with business executives, leaders and emerging leaders through coaching programs to ensure success for the individual and organisation.

The focus is on creating increased accountability, striving for business success and growth in self awareness. We do this by creating a trusting partnership which allows you to realise and reach maximum potential.

One-on-One hourly coaching sessions

Individual and personalised coaching sessions are available. Please contact us for more details.

Executive Coaching

Harnesses the strengths of your team while also providing space for clarity of mind. As leaders we can’t shape our future without addressing the present. Individual or team sessions available

Centred on Leadership – 9 month program

Created for those established business leaders who are seeking a competitive edge or simply understand how vital self-investment is to all success. This program is designed to grow leadership capabilities, heighten self-awareness and focus on personal strengths. The program includes monthly coaching sessions, external feedback (eg via 360 review), self-assessment tools, task learning and 1:1 coaching

Athlete/Team Coaching

Better prepare athletes and teams for competition by teaching responsibility, ownership of performance and processes such as ‘Third Space’. With over two decades of experience in the sporting sphere, Grace Curve understand the complexities of achieving success and the challenges of holding, and even regaining, confidence or form. Mastering Third Space is not only an essential skill for every athlete, but also proves a powerful tool for daily life.