What makes your favourite café so special? The great coffee? Maybe the smashed avo on freshly baked sourdough. More likely the staff.

Warm, genuine and caring for your every need. Including putting a smile on your face even though its 7am on a Wednesday morning.

Recruiting people people in your business is like adding the secret sauce to the Big Mac. Without it the burger is good without being great. The secret sauce in any customer service business is the people. Attracting, and onboarding those very people is harder than it sounds. Today we will highlight some basic steps in order to ensure you attract people people into your business.

1. Don’t Recruit Rather Attract

Your next great hire is already working at one of your competitors. Great people people are in high demand. Not needing to search for their next interview. In actual fact it’s likely they receive frequent offers from competitors seeking their great attributes.

If you embrace a mindset “we always have room in our team for stars” then you will always be on the lookout for your next hire.

Encourage your managers to be on the lookout for exceptional customer service.

2. Stars buy a Vision

A Vision should capture all that your business represents. If you truly want to attract customer service experts you must have a well-articulated Vision. Staff who have an in-built passion for serving others will search for organisations that share similar beliefs to themselves. State the Vision on all recruitment, social media and website collateral. Highlight the many benefits of working for your organisation including moving to the area where the business is situated. We should never assume they live local. Create a video to demonstrate what they are becoming a part of.  Demonstrate how you will develop, grow and empower new employees and commit to fuelling their career aspirations.

3. Values over Volume

A common trap when hiring new employees is focusing on competency rather than character. Naturally our preference is to attract new staff with previous customer service experience (provided it has enhanced their career to date) however when interviewing ask questions based on your organisations values rather than previous skills or positions held. This rule should be followed even if you have head-hunted the new recruit for an interview. Ensuring the new recruit will excel in the current business environment and culture is key.

4. A Love For People

It is easy to assume staff love serving customers. In actual fact far from the case. Many staff have chosen customer service due to the ease of entering the industry, possible lack of qualifications required, flexible working hours to allow for study commitments and the list goes on. Once you commence the interview process utilise various techniques that replicate a customer service or one-on-one interaction. This may include role playing, group questioning and speed dating style interviews. For a people person this is a comfortable and natural environment. Look for high confidence and self belief, fluent communication, strong teamwork and great inter-personal skills coupled with a strong degree of emotional intelligence. A humble but hungry attitude should be evident.

5. Beliefs & Assumptions

A huge challenge for the interviewee is to unpack the beliefs and assumptions the potential new employee has. These very convictions allow us to better understand the persons purpose. Their character will blossom from their deep down convictions and assumptions so unpacking these early in the journey is extremely valuable. Trust is the key so this may not happen in the first interview. Once you have identified their beliefs and assumptions, try and see the persons potential rather previous accomplishments.

6. How Big is the Motor

Assessing a persons capacity is crucial in the recruitment process. You may have a great employee who truly fits the culture, has a passion for people and the skillset to perform the role however if their capacity is low their output will also be low. You can build capacity in your team over time however recruiting new employees with a high capacity for workload will ensure they create time in their role to surprise and delight with every interaction.


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