Two words…. Brand Promise. A powerful phrase that depicts very best intentions for our valued customers.

Living it on a daily basis in our business may present a very different reality.

Trying to grow a brand can be frustrating. Even painful. So often the financial return doesn’t justify the marketing spend.

Gaining brand traction in the marketplace can take significant financial investment not to mention valuable time. Our pitch in today’s marketplace can no longer be one dimensional but instead must target various mediums. Creating genuine engagement with a potential customer through emotional connection. The worlds biggest brands masters of this very concept.

If your business trades online brand connection is king. If on the other hand you serve customers through a personable transaction, emotional touchpoints partnered with customer service become the cornerstone of your offering. Each customer represents an opportunity to connect, to surprise and delight and create a memorable impression with your brand.

So where do we start? Ensuring our staff understand company vision and brand promise requires training, storytelling and plenty of questioning. A vital step in any on-boarding plan. Once explained, identifying emotional triggers in each area of your business is crucial. Whether it be the reception desk, service counter or phone answering pitch, emotional touchpoints are the stimulus that make our customers feel a certain way towards our brand. The smell of the foyer, the smile and greeting, the use of a name all create emotional connection to your brand. Be it positive, negative or neutral we must not leave these stimulus to chance.

If this sounds somewhat overwhelming know you are not alone. Start small, identify three touchpoints in each area of your business and focus on consistently delivering the standard you agree upon. Once the agreed touchpoints become the norm in your daily service standards introduce three more. You will over time create a service model that is purely based on triggering positive emotions for your customers. This service standard also becomes the new retention strategy for your customer base.

“It is not enough to deliver solid customer service, you must engage a customers emotions, create an emotional connection with your brand” ………Disney

Once you have established key touchpoints in each area of the business, regular measurement is crucial. There are many ways to measure emotional touchpoints from mystery shoppers to customer feedback, however the most valuable is often your managers witnessing it daily. Whatever the measurement, ensure the behaviours you wish to have repeated are acknowledged and celebrated in the feedback.

Patience plays a large role in gaining repeat visitation. The goal is to have your brand front of mind when the customer chooses to engage the service you provide again. Possibly the customer won’t be able to articulate what is amazing about your brand but rather they just feel great when they think of your brand. This is the result of all of the emotional touchpoints you are activating when they engage your business.

Once a positive connection is made with your brand repeat visitation is the likely result. Regular measurement will ensure your standards remain high and therefore when they visit or utilise your services a second, third or fourth time they will again be surprised and delighted by the experience.

Exceptional service is achievable for every organisation because it is designed and architected from systems and processes that you control.


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